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Eddie Van Halen’s Ernie Ball Music Man EVH Model “PINKY”

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This is Ed’s 1991 Ernie Ball Music Man Prototype Serial # 80008 known as PINKY. Owned and used by Eddie Van Halen. This was one of the earliest MM’s built by Ernie Ball for Eddie Van Halen and this was THE FIRST Pink Music Man EVH made, and, it was made for Ed. This Music Man is part of the very first proto run for Ed and featured at the 1991 NAMM Show. Ed also played Pinky live with Albert Lee and Steve Morse in the Biff Baby’s All-Star at the 1991 NAMM Show. This guitar was built by Dudley Gimpel, head designer at Ernie Ball, and these prototypes are different from the production run guitars. The guitar was given to a family member of Ed’s in 1995 as a gift. Given the amount of wear on the fingerboard it is clear that Eddie played this guitar… a lot.  He is seen with it constantly in numerous photo shoots and magazines, and there is also a photo of Ed playing it live in 1991 at the NAMM gig, (photo credit William Hames). It can be also seen in the Stars Guitars book, where there is a photo of Pinky lined up with the other Music Man prototypes at NAMM.(Far Right). There is also a beautiful original photo print of Ed with Larry DiMarzio holding Pinky from photographer William Hames. Over a dozen magazines and photos are included including a poster of the cover of Musician Magazine and a cd of Biff Baby’s All Star Band. This quilt top is absolutely stunning, “best top I have ever seen on a Music Man”, according to EVH Music Man expert, Jim. It comes with its original case and has the original label with serial number and PINKY written in pink ink. Studio photo taken by Brent Haywood 

Item is now sold

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