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Keith Moon’s Premier Natural Finish Drum Kit

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Keith Moon’s Premier Natural Single Bass Drum kit. His last professionally used drum kit, played LIVE on the filming of the video clip for “Who Are You?” It is recognizable due to the oval-post tom mount on the bass drum, and it has the original natural birch finish.

It seems that this was designated as a studio kit, as it was built for function rather than display (although it is an amazing kit to see in person), and that most of it, as seen here, was given to a friend and Who-associate to use in a studio, shortly before Keith’s untimely passing.

Two stands and the seat are from the copper-plated set on an earlier 1975/6 kit. This is how Keith gave it. Three toms that were not given with it ended up in the Hard Rock Cafe’s excellent display in Boston.

The kit as it survives here comprises ; Bass drum (no front head), Floor tom, 2 x mounted toms, Hi hat stand, Kick pedal, snare stand and seat (with copper plated base). 2 x copper plated cymbal stands. Original batter heads. Paiste “Sound Edge” Hi Hats, 2 x Paiste cymbals (probably one crash one ride). It is all a bit dusty and un-polished. That is called “patina” and can’t be replicated. It is all genuine and original as Keith put it together.

A landmark kit from one of Keith Moon’s most electric and historic performances, offered for the first time by Rock Stars Guitars. Full history and provenance will be available to the buyer. No information will be given to anyone else, as our client has requested this. Please call for price. Please note; It’s on the BEST Who video, with Keith Moon! See it. Hear it! You gotta have it!

Item is now sold

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