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Mick Hopkins John Birch / Jaydee SG

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Mick Hopkins John Birch SG made by John Diggins (Jaydee) in 1977. This was made not long after Geoff Nicholls Jaydee SG was completed. This was Mick’s main guitar and it was used in the studio and on tour with Quartz from 1977 onwards. It was originally the same color as Geoff Nicholls SG but as time went by the finish went off and Mick had Jaydee refinish it in white. This would have been done in the 1980s. You can see Mick’s SG in numerous Quartz photos and videos. Some of these videos are: Around & Around, Belinda, Street Fighting Lady, Wildfire, and Pleasure Seekers.

Item is now sold

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