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Huge Lot of RARE Guitar Picks – George Harrison – Pete Townshend – Eric Clapton – Tom Petty – Ronnie Wood – etc

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This is a rare lot of 106 guitar picks that our friend Alan Rogan gave to us several years ago. If you don’t know who Alan Rogan is, please Google his name. We have taken photos of the front and back of each pick. Here are some descriptions:

Photo 1: Eric Clapton related and Grandpa is Carl Radle.

Photo 2: An assortment, some rare Who ones, a George Harrison All Things Must Pass My Sweet Lord pick for the CD re-issue.

Photo 3: The Who 50th on the reverse side and also London 2012 Olympics, MSG 2012, and The Manny’s is an old one of Pete’s from Alan.

Photo 4: Ronnie Wood Not For Beginners double sided, Rogan Stones single sided, CSNY 2002 double sided, plus some more of The Who

Photo 5: Tom Petty 2010, Tom Petty Hall of Fame 2002, Tom Petty The Last DJ, Roger Daltrey, Ayrton Wilbury, Ronnie Wood 2010, George Harrison, Pete Townshend, and one other.

Photo 6: Black GH picks from the Concert For George DVD (I think) they were made in black as a mark of respect. The Rogan Stones, made at the same time as Stones picks as a gag. Coloured GH picks made for George but not used as he preferred orange ones.  Fender Who picks for PT to use (but these are unused spares).  Ro Gan picks are from The Who pick people with Alan’s dates on them, these were given to us later.  3 Assorted Who picks from recent years. Jim Dunlop is a spare for John Entwistle.

Don’t miss out on this lot!

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