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Charlie Whitney’s 1964 Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck

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This 1964 Gibson 6/12 Double-neck guitar was purchased brand new in 1964 by John “Charlie” Whitney in Leicester, England. It is a very famous guitar, with Charlie using it in his band FAMILY, which he co-founded in 1967. Prior to Family, Charlie was in bands called the FARINAS, and the ROARING SIXTIES. This distinctive twin-neck guitar was used by Charlie as his main instrument through the Family years (1967-73), on many classic albums and singles, and subsequently played in the Chapman-Whitney STREETWALKERS, which ran until 1977. These bands were both extremely popular on the live circuit in the UK and Europe during these years. On the DVD “Family” (Masters From The Vaults 2003), Charlie’s double-neck Gibson is featured heavily in the live performance sections, and on the front cover artwork. In 1968, Charlie damaged the 12-string neck, and this was replaced and restored by UK guitar maker Grimshaw. In later years the entire instrument was repaired where necessary (the jack socket area had been damaged) and re-finished in sunburst, similar to the original Gibson finish. Although therefore not in original condition, this instrument has lived for over 40 years with its original artist-owner and shows the effects of being well-used and played by the musician who bought, owned and cherished it. We believe that this is true rock memorabilia rather than strictly a guitar collector’s piece, and it shows life on the road, through the decades, in its condition. A very unusual and important guitar, only Jimmy Page’s is more noteworthy in UK rock history. It is a real musician’s personal instrument. Taking Offers.

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