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Eric Clapton Played 1964 Hardtail Fender Stratocaster

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We have for sale a fantastic stage-worn Fender Stratocaster, formerly owned and played by Texas guitarist Bugs Henderson, until 1979, and also played by Eric Clapton. In the mid-1970s Eric Clapton played some shows in Texas with Freddie King, and Bugs Henderson was third on the bill. Bugs was close friends with Texas blues guitar legend Freddie King and often opened for Freddie in concert.  Both were based in Dallas, Texas.  It’s well known that Freddie was very admired by Clapton and Freddie opened for Clapton on one or more U.S tours in the 70’s.  Clapton and Freddie recorded together during this period and Clapton has a history of recording Freddie’s songs. Eric Clapton borrowed this Stratocaster of Bugs’ to use in an on-stage end of show jam session at least once, as can be seen on this YouTube video.  –  Eric Clapton with guitar at 3:59

It still carries some, but not all, of the stickers that were on it in the mid-1970s. The guitar is a 1964 sunburst finish L-Series Fender Stratocaster which has certainly seen some use. 1964 is a classic year for Fender guitars, and this Stratocaster has the rarer non-tremolo option (aka “hard tail” in today’s speak), which favours string bending much more than the standard tremolo setup. The nitro sunburst finish shows lots of genuine player wear. Two pots are replacements, the pickups are original. The tuners are Schaller replacements, and the neck appears to have been slightly shaved and has been re-fretted as Bugs preferred fast necks. The pickguard is a chrome plated aftermarket one. All of the above are really common features of guitars that had been heavily used then “upgraded” in the 1970s, as were the countless stickers that guitar players used to make their guitars more individual and personal. The guitar is in the same state as it was back in the day, and the owner for these last 40-something years never changed the strings, so they are the set that was on it when Bugs Henderson used it, and possibly the same set from the Eric Clapton jam session. Included in the sale are the following items:

* One copy of Guitar Player magazine October 1983 issue

* A Bugs Henderson autographed page from October 1983 Guitar Player magazine as signed in person by Bugs to the present owner referencing the Clapton authenticity.  Signed “To JR – I WANT MY STRAT BACK!” Bugs – signed under the picture of Bugs and Eric Clapton on stage together.

* One 8×10 photo of Eric Clapton on stage playing the guitar obtained when guitar bought in 1979

* Original copy of the Bugs Henderson obituary from the Fort Worth Star Telegram March 11, 2012 also referencing the Eric Clapton connection

* One NASA SkyLab vinyl sticker – a replacement for the one Bugs removed from the lower front of the guitar after Eric Clapton had played it.  The sticker was in place during the Clapton era.

* A copy of an email correspondence between the current owner and Bugs dated March 31, 2009, referencing the Clapton connection and where Bugs had obtained the guitar locally in Dallas, Texas prior to Clapton using it

* A current email testimonial from the pro guitar luthier/repairman who worked on Bugs’ guitars back in the day referencing the Eric Clapton connection.

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