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Joe Strummer’s Music Man HD 212 150 & Calzone Road Case

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A very, very rare piece of Rock History. This is Joe Strummer’s Music Man HD 212 150 & Calzone road case. Joe favored these Music Man amps and he is pictured in numerous photos using them during live performance and backstage. This amp comes from Gary Twinn who was a member of the Twenty Flight Rockers, a band who were managed by Bernie Rhodes, who also managed the Clash. They exchanged some equipment between the two bands, some of Gary’s gear going to Clash bassist Paul Simonon, and Gary ending up with Joe Strummer’s Music Man combo in the original pink “Clash” flight case. Written in Joe’s hand on the flight case lid, is “THE PERFECT SOUND”, obviously referring to the amp inside. This amp has also, more recently, been used by the Ex-Generation X guitarist, Bob Derwood Andrews. Comes with a letter of provenance and photo from Gary Twinn. The amp can be seen pictured here with Pete Townshend’s 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe from the Quadrophenia tour, John Entwistle’s Sunn 4×12 cabinet and road case from the 1970s, and Kurt Cobain’s Marshall JMP 50. Please inquire for price or call for more information.

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