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Geoff Nicholls John Birch/Jaydee SG

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Geoff Nicholls John Birch SG! This is the closest example of Tony Iommi’s Old Boy that was ever made. It is the brother of the Old Boy. And Tony said this as well. Geoff wanted an exact copy of Tony’s Jaydee SG (Old Boy} and had this made in circa 1976 by John Diggins (Jaydee) who was at that time with John Birch. A few more knobs were added on, per Geoff’s request, and the guitar was completed soon after Tony’s was made. It’s made out of a very special light maple body and in the same style as Tony’s Old Boy but without the cross inlays. Geoff said that the wood for this guitar was supposed to be used for a guitar that was being made for Roy Orbison, but Jaydee instead decided to use this maple for Geoff’s guitar. Jaydee put the same pickups that were only made for Tony in this SG and he also had a preamp booster put in as well. As you can see, the finish has gone off just like the Old Boy’s, as the same paint that was used on the Old Boy was used on Geoff’s SG. Through the years Geoff put many different stickers on the guitar. Before Geoff sold the guitar to me, he took what remained of the two stickers off of the guitar. I asked him “why did you take them off?” His answer was “It looks better without them!” Geoff used this guitar on tour and in the studio with Quartz and Black Sabbath. It can be seen in numerous Quartz photos and videos. Some of these videos are: Around & Around, Belinda, Street Fighting Lady, Wildfire.

Item is now sold

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