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Billy Idol – Bob Derwood Andrews Barry McGee Custom Guitar Used in Chelsea And Generation X

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What a rare piece of Rock History!!Pictured here is Bob Derwood Andrews holding his Barry McGee Custom guitar. This guitar was bought by Billy Idol and made by Barry McGee, England 1976. This guitar was the Generation X guitar from day one.

Played by Billy Idol in Chelsea, then given to Bob Derwood Andrews for Generation X and used in all the early recordings and gigs for a year or so and Top of the Pops, TV show. Also included (seen in the photo on the car): A “Generation X Loud Guitarist” T- shirt. Hand made by Tony James and worn often (Gigs, photos TV etc.). Stains and blood are not optional! A MXR compressor pedal, script writing (not working due to a bad modification to power supply by Richie Sambora’s guitar tech!). A MXR Analog Delay, British plug, works. Both pedals were painted by Derwood. They say ‘Compress’ and ‘Delay’. These pedals were used all through Generation X and later in Derwood’s band ‘Empire’. Used in recordings and live performance. Signed photos from Derwood Andrews and a ‘Generation X’ headed letter of authentication are included. Photos of Billy Idol and Derwood Andrews playing the guitar live are also included.

Item is now sold

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