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Pete Ham’s 1964 Gibson SG Standard – A Gift from George Harrison

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George Harrison got his 1964 Gibson SG Standard in 1966 or thereabouts, and used it with the Beatles from the Revolver era right through until around 1969. It was also played by both George Harrison and John Lennon during the sessions for the White Album. Badfinger (originally called The Iveys) were signed by the Beatles’ Apple label and were highly thought of by all of the Beatles. Paul wrote Come And Get It for them to sing on the soundtrack to The Magic Christian, and George produced some of their recordings. Badfinger were in the house band for George’s Concert For Bangladesh.

Around 1969, George gave Pete Ham, Badfinger’s singer/guitarist/songwriter/piano player, this Gibson SG Standard. Pete used this guitar through his career from then on, alongside a few other guitars. His brother John Ham changed the tuners for Pete, to Grovers (John ran a music store in Wales and did modifications regularly), and generally looked after Pete’s gear when necessary. After Pete passed away, his brother John looked after all of his remaining guitars and gear. We sold the guitar for John and his family around 20 years ago. We also passed on the original tuners to the new owner. As the SG was already in the R&R Hall Of Fame in the US, John could only offer us these photos to use, that he had taken before the guitar was shipped out. They were taken at unusual angles, but you can see the guitar clear enough. A couple of these photos were also copied and edited for use in the Beatles Gear book by Andy Babuik

Item is now sold

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