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This Spector NS-2 bass, serial # 1438,  was owned and used by Mike Starr. It’s finished in white and is made in the USA, being completed on November 18, 1987, and shipped to Mike from Spector. This bass was used in the recording of the two Alice In Chains albums, Facelift and Dirt, and was Mike’s main bass that he used on tour with Alice In Chains. This bass was used on these four  Alice In Chains music videos:

Bleed The Freak

Man In The Box


Angry Chair

Mike played this bass on his last show with Alice In Chains at the Hollywood Rock Festival in Brazil in January 1993. It can be seen in numerous live photos and in magazines. It comes in one of Mike’s original Spector hard cases. A letter from Melinda Starr, Mikes sister, is included.

Please see the Mike Starr Collection Under Alice In Chains – Mike Starr

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