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This EVH Art Series Charvel, #80, is from the first run of Ed’s creations in 2004 and is the very first 5150 of the Charvel Art Series!  Only two more 5150’s were made, and that was in 2007. Ed played this guitar live on November 3, 2004 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. This is one of the most unique guitars that Ed designed and striped, with numerous drawings and writing on the guitar. A point of interest is that 5150 is not where Ed normally displays the numbers, as Ed would usually put 5150 behind the trem. On this guitar, Ed put each number in random spots and each number is different in size. Here’s a list of what makes this guitar different from the other Art Series Charvels:

eHHe!! is next to Ed’s signature

A drawing of an eye after Milwaukee WI

M.F.L.U. All on the back of the guitar

M.F.L.U. All on in the inside of the cutaway of the lower horn

150 + 5  5150 = ??

Two dice and 1 = 3

Arrows around the tone knob

Drawing in the zero in 5150 and next to it is written How Do It Know?

The guitar comes from the original owner and was never used or played. It has been locked in it’s case and stored away since 2004. It is in the same condition as the day Ed used it. It comes with all of the original paperwork and the original case. A photo of Ed playing the guitar in Milwaukee is included. Don’t pass this up. Please call or email for price.

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