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Eddie Van Halen’s 1977-1978 Karl Sandaval Megazone

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You are looking at one of the rarest guitars on the planet, Ed’s Megazone guitar. This beautiful one of a kind instrument was made by the famous luthier Karl Sandoval. Karl worked for Wayne Charvel at Charvel’s Custom Guitar Shop in California. Karl built this guitar in 1977-78 and sold it to Ed in the late 70’s. You can check it out on Karl’s web site, This guitar was used live as a backup on stage and it was used in the studio as well. This comes with two detailed letters, one from Karl Sandaval and one from Rudy Leiren, who was Eddie’s guitar tech from the 1970’s- 1990. Karl also signed the back of the guitar and it comes with a photo of Karl Sandoval holding the guitar (pictured above). There are numerous photos of Ed with this guitar in 1978. Attached is a photo out of Neil Zlozower’s book Van Halen: A Visual History: 1978 – 1984. Photo credit Neil Zlozower If you are a Van Halen fan and do not have this book, you should buy it. Please call or email for price. Serious inquiries only.

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