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About Us

Who we are… and what we can do for you! Rock Stars Guitars® was founded in 1996, when Greg Dorsett and David Brewis met and realized they both had a fanatical interest in guitars as well as significant personal collections of authentic rock memorabilia. Together their collections benchmark some of the most explosive moments in rock and roll history. Rock Stars Guitars® is the first place players call if they had an old guitar to sell; but many artists were unaware that tour gear and stage equipment is becoming highly collectible too. We are proud to broker sales of guitars or gear between the artists and the collectors who want to own a piece of Rock and Roll History. Some fans and collectors were given keepsakes by famous stars decades ago, and don’t realize what their prize could be worth.


How do I pay?
We only accept Wire Transfers, Money Orders, Cashier Checks or Cash.
*Sorry, we do NOT accept Credit Cards at this time.

Where do you ship to?
We will ship to anywhere in the world. Shipping and insurance is paid by buyer. We use DHL, FedEx, and US and UK Postal Services. All shipments are professionally packaged.

Please note: We can hand deliver high end instruments. All travel and expenses are paid in advance by buyer.

How do I ask you info about a certain product you have?
Each item we have that is currently “For Sale” will have a “Request Info” area that you can fill out on the item’s page.

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Ringo Starr’s Beatles Premier 13″ Drum Case
George Harrison’s 1984 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL With AMG Package
Keith Moon's Premier Drum Kit Used In The 1974 Film Stardust
Stu Cook’s 1965 Fender Jazz Bass
Kenny Olson’s BC Rich Mockingbird Custom
Richie Sambora’s 1959 212T Epiphone Sheraton
Pearl Jam Set List November 3 1993 Signed By Mike McCready and Dave Abbruzzese

If you’re looking for AUTHENTIC Rock and Roll memorabilia & collectibles, you’ve come to the right place. Imagine owning a piece of Rock and Roll history. Not only do we have guitars, we also have drums, instrument accessories, rock stars clothing, jackets, vehicles, hand written notes, drawings and more! Feel free to browse our catalog & do some window shopping! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions on any items.


Jon B. wrote…

I sent Greg my “want list” for anything Woodstock related item (since I was there.) Several months later, he came up with Stu Cook’s (CCR) stage played Woodstock bass, which is shown on Greg’s website. This deal took many months to finalize since I kept coming up with questions and requests, and the artist was always on the road touring. But Greg stuck with me during all this. Being skeptical, I was very satisfied with the three pages LOA from the artist and with a photograph of Stu playing at Woodstock, which Greg matched to the grain of the bass I bought. Finally, he helped arrange for me and my wife to go backstage and meet the artist. Wow! I’m hoping Greg finds more stuff for me.

Hamish Stuart’s Mid-1970s Fender Stratocaster Used With Average White Band And Paul McCartney

Hamish Stuart 1970s Fender StratocasterMid-1970s Fender Stratocaster, originally sunburst, owned from new by Hamish Stuart (pictured here with his strat), and played on live shows and records with his band, the award-winning Average White Band, then later with the Paul McCartney band. In the early 1980s Fender supplied Hamish with a vintage ’62 style Stratocaster reissue neck, which was fitted, and the guitar was refinished in Fiesta Red. This is how the guitar currently appears, and is how it was in the Paul McCartney band. Featured as played by Hamish in a couple of McCartney live DVDs, and used on countless live shows. A really great guitar, owned and heavily used by one of the UKs great musician/songwriter/singers. There are not many guitars that have played so many original artist hits in concert as this one! A great guitar to own for any McCartney or AWB fan, or any musician needing a cool instrument. A keeper! Plenty signs of use, but still in good condition. Comes with a photo of Hamish with the guitar and a detailed letter with the complete history of this beautiful Stratocaster.