Tony Franklin’s Fender 2000 Custom Shop Fretless Precision Bass

The bass was made for Tony Franklin by the Fender Custom Shop in 2000, by Master Builder Todd Krause. Todd has built instruments for Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Roger Waters, to name but a few. The bass is an exact replica of Tony’s “Firm” Fretless P Bass, except this has an ebony fingerboard, and is sunburst, not black. Tony has used it on many many gigs and sessions between 2000 and 2011. The fingerboard was resurfaced in 2011. This bass is a “One Off”. It was used on many live performances including: Blue Murder – “Secret Jam”, Los Angeles – 2006 , Vasco Rossi – Primo Maggio event (in front of 1 million people), Rome – May 2009, Numerous shows between 2000 and 2008 with Banyan – (Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction – side project). Countless clinics and master classes, corporate events and Fender dealer events. Used in Stephen Perkins’ “It’s A Drummer’s Life” DVD. It was also used on numerous recordings. It comes with a detailed letter from Tony and signed photo of Tony with the bass. Also the back of the headstock is also signed by Tony.  Please inquire for price.

Tony Franklin’s Fender 1962 Reissue Precision Bass

Tony acquired this Fender 1962 Reissue P Bass new in 2006. It’s been a fun bass for him and he has played it a lot, mostly at home. This was Tony’s “go to bass” for writing, for stamina building and warming up, and simply good fun. This was also Tony’s “Motown” bass, and he usually had it set up with a foam mute under the strings near the bridge. This would create an instant Jamerson sound. It is set up Jamerson-style with LaBella Deep Talkin’ Bass Strings 0760 Original Oldies. Bob Babbitt from the Motown Funk Brothers played it at the Fender 60th Anniversary Concert in Anaheim and he also signed it. This comes with a detailed letter from Tony and a photo of Tony with the bass. Please inquire for price.