Noel Redding’s Cowboy Hat

184 300x210 Noel Reddings Cowboy HatA cowboy-style hat worn by Noel with his own “Noel Redding Band”. The hat was worn for the sleeve photo of his Noel Redding band album from the mid-1970′s “Clonakilty Cowboys”.


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Mitch Mitchell’s Hayman Kit

177 300x210 Mitch Mitchells Hayman KitMitch Mitchell’s Hayman drum kit.


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Noel Redding’s Hendrix Albums

186 300x210 Noel Reddings Hendrix AlbumsNoel’s personal collection of Jimi Hendrix albums.


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Noel Redding’s Contracts -Ledgers

187 300x210 Noel Reddings Contracts  LedgersNoel’s business contracts, account ledgers, and personal lawsuits against the Jimi Hendrix Estate. The ledgers actually show what the Experience made for every show played. Very interesting material.


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Noel Redding’s Trixon Drum Kit

190 300x210 Noel Reddings Trixon Drum KitNoel’s Trixon drum set used from the 1960′s on tour and rehearsal with The Burnette’s, Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Fat Mattress. They are also pictured in the book “Are You Experienced”. Comes with a letter from Noel Redding.


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