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Keith Richards 1882 Bosendorfer Piano Used Live With The Rolling Stones

Keith Richards 1882 Bosendorfer Model 170 piano that was also owned by Mick Jagger. Keith purchased this piano from Mick and it was used on The Rolling Stones 1981 American Tour and is featured in The Rolling Stones movie “Let’s Spend The Night Together”.

`Originally in white finish, It has been restored back to the original black finish and it is constructed from exotic mahogany, spruce, maple, walnut and elder.We have the complete history from manufacture to ownership on this piano.

This comes with photos of the piano  on stage with The Rolling Stones, a letter from Keith Richards, and a letter from Keith’s manager, Jane Rose. Sold in 1986 through Sotheby’s, it is now once again available. Please call or email for details.


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